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Welcome to Hangzhou Union Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Rely on us to attain best-in-class Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Thickeners, Sweeteners, etc. ..

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Quality Matters

We know money is hard to earn which is why we work hard to maintain quality of our product-line that encompasses Thickeners, Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers, Zinc Propionate, Sodium Cyclamate and much more

Our Idea of Success

Our idea of success is keeping clients happy with quality work. We perform our job roles with extreme perfection to annihilate chances of errors in execution of business responsibilities.
Why Choose Us

About Us

Hangzhou Union Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is a professionally managed international business unit that deals with food additives and pharmaceutical materials. It has been more than 10 years to our incorporation and in all these years, we have managed to find the real motivation to grow and outperform. Our ethical business values have pushed us to maintain fairness in business and treat all clients equally.

Our success as a manufacturer and an exporter can be gauged in successful serving of around 150+ products in 120+ countries. Great customer-support, research and development based manufacturing plan and professional way of food additives making are some attributes, which have made our way smooth in this competitive business world.